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Why Real Financial Professional?

The world needs you NOW more than Ever. Despite this, IFA’s are struggling to communicate their value, grow their firm and build a massively valuable business. There are many programs that focus on the technical side of money and will make you a qualified professional. However there is no real structured program that can actually help you build an awesome firm that your clients will love.

Thus Authors and Financial Planning Futurists Amar Pandit and Carl Richards, two of the best guides to financial advisors worldwide have teamed up to bring you the Real Financial Professional Program.

Attract Ideal Clients Virtually

Create a Waitlist of Clients as well as sign-up clients, without meeting them in person

Achieve Real Growth

While each idea in the program capable of delivering a 500% return and massive real growth

Build Real Value

A business with ideal clients, 100% Share of Heart and amazing growth creates Real Equity Value

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